How to Influence Your Inner Circle Positively

How to influence your inner circle

It’s no wild secret. Many of us are susceptible to being influenced. The way we speak, the phrases we use, the body language we exude, all have a profound effect on our inner circle.

But is the way you are perceived having a positive influence on those that matter most?

We all have a small inner circle of co-workers, friends, family and interest groups. Your inner circle is crucial for your success, growth, and development. Have a real think about who your inner circle is.

Got it?

Now do an audit and figure out who could benefit from a dose of positivity?


Vision Through Camera Lens

Though it will be clear to you are striving towards your vision, make your inner circle aware of exactly what it is. Whilst some will roll their eyes in confusion, most will be proud and encourage you to achieve success.

Choose a family member, co-worker, or friend who you feel needs a boost of positivity in their life. Can you get them interested in your visions and goals? Can you ask them what plans they have for the future? Can you ask them if they require a helping hand?

Ask as many positive questions about their future as possible. Don’t just ask questions with enthusiasm and passion, ask leading and influential questions. With the correct words and terminology, you can guide your inner circle to a life of positivity and success.


Man supporting woman and leading by example

It is essential you lead by example. No more relying on other people to tell you how to affect people positively, you won’t find all of the answers on google.

You must take responsibility and ownership for the person you are.

Here are a few examples of how you can lead by example to inspire your inner circle:

• Compliment positives in their lives

• Commit to a life-changing habit

• Share a combined goal with them

Example – commit to stopping drinking by a certain date

• Seek their advice on a situation in your life.

• Ask them to join you in a positive activity i.e. a jog, charity event

• Share something that has inspired you

• Cut out negativity i.e. bad news, crappy programmes etc

I am a firm believer that the best way to facilitate positive change in a member of your inner circles’ life is to treat them with extreme positivity and lead by example.


Mindset Coach

Subtly acting as a mindset or positivity coach can be enormously impactful. Having a positive and firm mindset is contagious. Showing up with energy and enthusiasm and a will to succeed is highly likely to inspire those close to you to want to do the same.

Change can be fearful. Change also requires risks. But, if you have led by example and have the experience of frequently leaving your comfort zone, then you should be in a position to coach members of your inner circle to become more positive.

Yes, it’s not easy. You may even experience resistance. But stay true to your goal and vision. Do not let negativity affect you, but instead use it as a driving force to inspire change.


Finally, we do all move at different paces. You cant expect your inner circle to move at your pace. Let’s face it, they haven’t yet faced the objections, knockbacks and experiences you have had.

All you can do is offer out your hand and be that trusting guide. They will catch up, you can be sure of it.

Go audit your inner circle and influence positivity and change!

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