How to Expand Your Communication Power


Communication is an essential part of everyday life. It is the act of transferring information from one place to another. As you will be aware, there are many forms of communication that we use for our professional and personal life. For example, digital communications, which can include social media, email, telephone etc. And let’s not forget the old art of face to face communication, even though it does seem a thing of the past in recent times.

For me, a fascinating form of communication is body language. The most powerful communicators in the world seem to exude confidence; they can walk into a room, not say a single word, yet still transfer a message of power and confidence.

Alan Pease, an Australian body language expert, explains that in the first 4 minutes of meeting someone new, we make an unconscious decision as to whether we are going to like that person. He suggests that a simple handshake can explain the type of character you are. If you have a firm handshake and hold your arm in position above the recipient, this can indicate that you may have a dominant nature. Body language really is a great communication tool and I would recommend watching the below TedX Talk from Alan Peace.

So, how do you become a better communication? What can you do to expand your communication power and increase your self-confidence?

Try these tips:

Check Your Body Language

Can you recall that ignorant person who you have tried to talk with, but they have had their head buried in their phone? Or, the co-worker you may have asked for a little help with, but they responded abruptly with their arms crossed? The point is you will have a negative perception of these people, and I’m sure on a few occasions you will have been guilty of the above as well. Who knows what others think of you? Don’t forget that you are constantly communicating even when you are not talking. Try to better your posture, think about your eye contact and most importantly, learn from other people’s body language.

Ask Open Questions

Sales professionals are notoriously known for having great communication. They have to in order to make sales and hit targets. One thing they have in common – they ask open questions. An example of a closed question could be, “Can I have the order?”. This closed questions promotes a one-word response and doesn’t open up the opportunity for conversation. An example of an open question could be, “What reasons do you have for being interested in buying the product today?”. This open question would immediately start an engaging two-way conversation. Asking open questions will certainly give your communication power a boost.

Show Empathy

Communication is a two-way street. Make the effort to show consideration for another’s viewpoint. Lucky for you this isn’t hard to master, and you can practice this with a partner or even a family member. When you start to listen and become genuinely interested in people, your communication will become much more effective.

Read More

Increasing the amount you read can improve your vocabulary and help you to express ideas in a more efficient way. Reading more will help you to think about words and also assist you in understanding that there is no need to waffle to communicate effectively. Use reading time to study and research communication. Analyse what techniques and skills powerful communicators use to stand out.

Hope you have found this information useful? If you have any further pointers I’d welcome the chance to hear from you.

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