3 Morning Habits to Dominate Your Day

Dominate Your Day

If you’re anything like me then you’d love to know how you can dominate your day. Being able to go through your day without feeling like you want to go crawl in a hole and hit the sack will have you addicted!

What if I told you that these 3-morning habits will have you well on your way to living a happier more confident life?

Would you do them?

If you’re committed to living the best life possible then read on…


You probably were hoping this wasn’t one of the tips, trust me I love my sleep too.

I just love sleep too much”

It’s too hard to get out of bed” 

I used to say those things until I started living the life I wanted.

Waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual can have enormous benefits. Let’s start off with the fact that when you wake up earlier you aren’t jumping up out of bed racing to brush your teeth, packing your lunch, or stumbling out of the door to your car to show up to work 5 minutes before you start.

Instead, you’re comfortably waking up, slowly making your way out of bed making time to scroll through your phone or do what makes you happy.

This makes your day better for a couple reasons;

If you’re jumping out of bed and rushing to get ready for your day you’re setting the tone for the day, you’re setting yourself up to handle everything throughout that day in a rushed manner, not using your brain. 

You’re also giving yourself a relaxed start to the day, which will shadow the way you handle whatever is thrown at you during the rest of it.

To add that little cherry on top drink a big glass of water before you do anything else. Water will kick-start your metabolism, hydrate you, and flush out any toxins that may be lurking in the shadows. Not to mention it feeds your brain the fuel it needs to live your day like a badass.

Now on to the crucial part of your mornings…


This one’s a game changer.

I love starting my day with a quick meditation or some affirmations.  If you’ve never done this I recommend trying it for one week.

You will never turn back. 

Part of being a person who can handle whatever is thrown at them is being mentally able to take things and process them before you react.

Meditation will achieve this for you.

Benefits of meditation include:

It will activate “BEAST MODE”, meditation causes our testosterone levels to increase resulting in bigger muscles, boundless energy for the day, and overall better well-being.

Meditation will drop you into a state that allows you to become adaptable to any situation, something that may piss you off on any given day may not piss you off, therefore handling it better, resulting in higher status.

IF your not ready to quite jump into meditation yet start by giving yourself some positive affirmations to do, these will tell your mind who you really want to be and have a powerful effect on your day.


Alright, guys, these ones are the most powerful daily habits you can do in the morning to absolutely dominate everything you do.

Grab yourself

a pen and paper once you’re all showered up and ready. Now mentally picture your day, what you’re going to want to do on this paper is write down 5 things you want to do/get done that day.

What kind of effect will this have on me? 

Good question. You’re going to have a sudden spike in creativity, your mind is then going to plan on how you’re going to achieve things. You’re going to achieve some of these and some you won’t, but the cool thing is, your mind will start picking out what is important to you vs. what isn’t.

You’re going to achieve goals and have a sense of achievement or “Domination” 

Opportunity will start presenting itself to you in different ways.

There’s also something incredibly satisfying about setting a goal and achieving it. Setting goals and writing them down means they are way more achievable.

Now that I have covered these 3-morning habits to dominate your day, you will be ready to start implementing these into your morning routine.

Don’t feel overwhelmed to be doing all 3 of these things at once, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


  • WEEK 1- Start by waking up 20-30 minutes earlier than what you usually do. Make this a habit!
  • WEEK 2- Starting implementing tip #2
  • WEEK 3- Write down goals you want to achieve that day

This way you are not overwhelming yourself – You can create a journey to a better life – TRUST ME! 

Get out there and dominate!