7 Ways to get Through Difficult Times in your Late 20’s

Difficult times late 20's
Traditionalists and baby boomers will tell you they had the time of their lives in their late 20’s.
That may be true!
But being in your late 20’s isn’t plain sailing. It is a time of confusion and ENORMOUS uncertainty. What am I doing with my life? Where should I be at this stage? Have I chosen the right career path? What should I be earning?
Just a few questions that cause concern, am I right?
Well, this uncertainty, supplemented with a curveball from life will leave you feeling afraid, frustrated, and even helpless. Being caught off guard by life along with the mounting pressure of being in your late 20’s isn’t a fun place to be, I can vouch for that.
Here are 10 tips that I have used to ease the pressure and get through the difficult times in my late 20’s.

1. Accept whatever life throws

Complain, beat yourself up, shout, or even taking it out others isn’t going to change the situation, or what has happened. Your only option to achieve maximum happiness is to accept it.
Try not to resist and push against life. All this does is create an extra obstacle for you to overcome. The key is to not add to your problem but to eliminate. Mostly your late 20’s is a time of huge change and acceptance.
Accept that the best is yet to come. Marriage, children, cemented long-term friendships – it is all coming to you, my friend. There is excitement in life after your 20’s, believe that.

2. Change your perspective in your late 20’s

Stop living and thinking that life will end after your 20’s. For sure it won’t!
We choose the way we percieve things. So, you have to be harsh on yourself and ask if your perspective is giving you the right perspective. Does this make sense?
You must not let your emotions, thoughts, and feelings influence your perspective. Obviously, we can’t change all life situations and some are shit to deal with. But, we can change how we perceive certain situations, and this will enable you to overcome a negative perspective.
You see it’s easy to get derailed in your late 20’s, and often your thoughts can increase anxiety. Though usually, the problems are never as bad as you think. A year from now, what you perceive to be a problem currently, will not even be a second thought
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3. Take action

Competition is rife in your late 20’s. For every one of you reading this, there are many others competing for what you want.
For example, I want to be featured in a major personal development publication, run a successful freelancing business, and move house.
Now I know there will be major personal development publications receiving thousands of applicants. There will be thousands of freelancers competing for business. And for sure people in their late 20’s will try to purchase the house that I want.
What’s the one thing I can do to put myself in the best possible position? TAKE ACTION!
One of the worlds most idolised film actors, Will Smith, has a perspective that once you have made a decision to take action the universe will get out of your way.
“You just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, you just decide. And then from that point, the universe is going to get out your way. It’s water, it wants to move and go around stuff. There’s a flow of the universe that I’ve grown to know just how to go with it.”

4. Live in the moment

Living in the moment is something I’m still learning, but the things I have tried have certainly had a huge impact on me coping with difficult times.
The best way to see through a problem is to relax your mind and focus your energy on the ‘here and now’,
Some of the best methods of doing this include:
  • Exercise
  • Running
  • Mindfulness
  • Reading
  • Visiting nature landmarks (coast, green areas, parks etc.)

Each of the above methods helps us to refocus our energy and reset our minds. Our minds wander to concentrate your surroundings. By doing some of the above your mind will naturally start to feel calm and your perspective will become much clearer

5. Establish your why

Your Why

I am sure you have heard many elite philosophers asking you to ‘find your why’. But, what does this mean? It can’t just be money, otherwise, the 2043 billionaires that live on this plant wouldn’t have a reason to keep going.
You why should be what motivates you and your reason for doing what you do. How do you find it?
The simple answer is you can’t. It finds you.
My why is to create time and freedom so I can concentrate on the things that matter most to me in life – family and loved ones.
Your why has to be your dreams and they should be a hell of a lot bigger than your current problems. If not, your problems will drown your hopes and potential.
Your late 20’s is the perfect time to establish your why, so go out there, do some soul searching, and find your why.

6. Gratitude

With the amount of bad that happens in our life we often lose sight of the overwhelming amount of good in that we should be thankful for.
Many of us, especially in our late 20’s, get trapped in a negative mindset and struggle to find a way out.
The next time something bad happens, make yourself aware of all the good that is happening in your life at present. For example, your job, your relationship, your friends, your projects. There is plenty to show gratitude for if you just open your eyes.
Here is what I do:
Grab a pen, and your journal (if you don’t have one, I suggest purchasing one of eBay for £3). Write down the things you are grateful for at the end of every day. What this will do is reinforce a positive perspective on your life
You just watch and experience how much happier you will become.

7.Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

If you pick up one thing from this article, make sure it is to take care of yourself. In times of difficulty, stress, trauma, and anxiety we tend to forget basic things by neglecting to do them.
It can be difficult but try to eat well, get out of your house, interact with others, exercise, and keep on top of your personal hygiene. Everything can seem like a chore in difficult times so make sure to keep on top of basic needs.
Know that you are not alone and we all go through difficult times in our late 20’s. When you are struggling, encourage yourself to feel your feelings, open up to family, and most importantly surround yourself with those people who do care.
There you have it, 7 ways to get through difficult times in your late 20’s. I hope you have found this article helpful and useful. If you need to talk we are here. I would encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for inspiring mindset, motivational, business articles as well as how to guides.