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Simon Lewis is the creator of Elite Psyche, a popular mindset blog offering actionable advice to those on a personal development journey. Simon can help you transform your mindset with ‘The Ultimate Guide to Achieve an Elite Mindset’. Professionally, Simon is a freelance copywriter and digital marketer, who purposefully works across a variety of sectors to produce content that gains social media attention and increases engagement.
How to influence your inner circle

How to Influence Your Inner Circle Positively

It’s no wild secret. Many of us are susceptible to being influenced. The way we speak, the phrases we use, the body language we exude, all have a profound effect on our inner circle. But...
Demotivated mindset - man lost on rail track

How to Firmly Redirect Your Demotivated Mindset

Me, you, and even the Gary Vaynerchuk’s and Grant Cardone’s of this world can experience a demotivated mindset. It’s natural so don’t beat yourself up. I’ve been there, it seems impossible at times. You don’t feel...
Difficult times late 20's

7 Ways to get Through Difficult Times in your Late 20’s

Traditionalists and baby boomers will tell you they had the time of their lives in their late 20's.   That may be true!   But being in your late 20's isn't plain sailing. It is a...
Business Development Freelancer

The Ultimate Freelancer Guide for Winning Insanely Profitable Clients

Finding new business as a freelancer is difficult, right? As if it isn’t hard enough to keep yourself motivated. You then have to generate interest from prospective clients to buy your services. All the...
career traits zero talent

10 Career Traits That Require Zero Talent

We have all seen the post floating around on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. The title is, 10 Things That Require Zero Talent, and every time you see the post, you wonder how you can...

How to Expand Your Communication Power

Communication is an essential part of everyday life. It is the act of transferring information from one place to another. As you will be aware, there are many forms of communication that we use...
Strengthening Mindset

5 Tips To Strengthen Your Mindset

We often have goals, ambitions, and dreams of achieving a better body, higher salary or bigger house. But do we have the right mindset to approach our goals? Usually, these thoughts and feelings approach us...

Key Tips to Stand-Out as an Introvert

In the extrovert world we live in, it appears difficult for an introvert to make a real mark and stand out from the crowd. Many large corporations utilize introverts for their knowledge and hard...
how to handle rejection

How to Handle Business and Personal Rejection?

Rejection is a part of life. Whether you are a student, small business owner, wife/ husband or an international business tycoon, you will have experienced rejection at some point. Have you been rejected at an...

3 Mind Hacks to Improve Self Confidence

Self-Confidence in many is misinterpreted as a person who has a certain bravado or perceived cockiness. Incorrect! It is not about being a ‘know it all’ or deliberately overpowering people vocally. It isn’t easy to...
Top 5 self development blogs

Top 5 Self Development Blogs of 2017

Top 5 Self Development Blogs of 2017 As our readers will know, Elite Psyche is a platform solely dedicated to improving, motivating and inspiring people. We do not claim to be the only blog our there...
Work Motivation

4 Ways to Increase Motivation At Work

The 9-5 grind can provide many unexpected events that leave us lacking motivation when we need it the very most. Motivation can be achieved through a balanced life both in and outside of the...
taking a vacation

2 Reasons to take a Vacation

Taking a vacation and a little time off can often leave us feeling a little guilty. We deserve time off, but why do we feel that we are doing something wrong when we book...
Overcoming Social Anxiety

3 Hacks to Overcoming Social Anxiety

Do you have that one friend who seems to burst with confidence and thrive in social situations? Well, believe it or not, the most confident people around can become nervous and anxious at new...

4 Ways to Boost Happiness During The Working Week

The working week, as we are all too aware, can be boring, stressful and overly tiring. The countless number of times we find ourselves wishing away the days, just so we can have 48...