Elite Psyche was created in 2017 by me – Si Lewis. I am 26 years old and come from a town in Yorkshire called Doncaster.

I built this platform to provide YOU with actionable advice on how to achieve an Elite Mindset. We focus on Mindset through Self-Development, Motivation, How To and Business articles all geared towards the end goal – helping you achieve an Elite Mindset!

The term ‘Psyche‘ may be a confusing one!

Spiritually, Psyche relates to the human mind in its totality, conscious and unconscious. Believe it or not, even you have a human psyche! It references the mental abilities we have as a human and the power of judgment, decisions, thoughts, and feelings we experience.

My VISION is to create a community of like-minded people on the same mission to achieve an elite mindset through self-development.

About Si Lewis

Simon Lewis

My self-development journey is far from over. In fact, after creating elitepysche.com, I know this is just the beginning.

I am a Sales & Marketing professional with skills in content marketing, social media, business development and copywriting.

My passion for self-development started with reading articles, contributing to guest

blogs, buying books to improve my skill set. Not before long, my passion turned into an addiction. I started signing up for podcasts, purchasing webinars, reaching out to key influencers in the industry. I couldn’t get enough. And I still can’t!

Why Follow Elite Psyche?

  • Self-Development Articles– Created to help you learn positive habits, increase productivity, how to sample new ideas, and techniques to enable you to live life outside your comfort zone.
  • Motivation Articles – Designed to provide motivational life hacks and actionable advice to keep your motivation for life constant.
  • Mindset Articles– A selection of articles which are designed to help you strengthen, change and grow your mind.
  • Business Articles – Designed to provide actionable advice on how to grow your freelance or 9-5 career.

When you make the decision to join Elite Psyche, we will give you content and actionable advice necessary to help you create a life that you need and deserve.

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