4 Ways to Increase Motivation At Work

Work Motivation

The 9-5 grind can provide many unexpected events that leave us lacking motivation when we need it the very most. Motivation can be achieved through a balanced life both in and outside of the office.

Motivation is greatly affected by a number of circumstances, some days we can feel super energetic with a zest for life, whereas other days we can feel dull, lethargic and the mere thought of doing anything strenuous can uninspire the rest of our day. This article will aim to explore 5 ways to keep our motivation consistent leaving us prepared to tackle even the most mundane office tasks head-on.

Hit The Gym In The AM

Focus your mind before you even walk into the office with an early morning workout. An early morning run or a weight session can release the necessary endorphins to give you that early morning boost of energy. Clearly, an early morning workout helps you start the day on the right foot whilst providing all the benefits of coffee without the caffeine side effects.

Spend Time With Co-workers

It is hugely important to get to know your colleagues outside of the office. Make it task to grab a coffee, get lunch or even kill two birds with one stone and work out in the morning together. Sadly, the reality is that we spend the majority of lives working to fund our personal and family life, and so I believe it makes perfect sense to get to know our colleagues; the people we spend most our time with.

It may be that you discover something in common and gain the opportunity to interact with your colleagues on shared interests. If you can make the effort to talk with your colleagues on shared interests, I can guarantee your work placed will become a happier place and you will feel inspired and motivated throughout the working day.

Push Yourself

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Never has this quote had a more relevant meaning. We all have those colleagues that do the bare minimum and never dare to leave there comfort zone to try or attempt something new. I can assure you now, these people are highly de-motivated and definitely do not look forward to coming to work every morning.

Push yourself a little further at work and deviate from your normal mundane routine. Leaving your comfort zone gives you a feeling of inspiration, the same as that you feel when you manage to achieve a goal you have set your mind to.


I cannot stress enough how important sleep is to developing motivation. It is no secret that work, clients, and projects are stressful, and after a long day in the office, it is essential to reenergize your body so you are capable working to your highest potential the next day.

Ensure your sleep is complemented by taking your break allowances at work, if during the day work does get on top of you, please do not be afraid of taking a break and getting away from your desk for 15 minutes.


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