4 Ways to Boost Happiness During The Working Week


The working week, as we are all too aware, can be boring, stressful and overly tiring. The countless number of times we find ourselves wishing away the days, just so we can have 48 blissful hours at the end of the week to call our very own. Before you know it, Monday morning rapidly appears and there we are stuck in a rut, explaining to others that we can’t wait to clinch that sweet Friday feeling once again.

Does this sound all too familiar? If so, here are 4 key ways to get rid of them Monday morning blues and boost your happiness in the working week.


If you keep doing things the same, you will always get what you have always gotten. Breakout of your mundane routine and reap the rewards of trying something new this week. Trying something new and developing a new passion can really ignite an individual to discover a newfound sense of being.

Trying something new shouldn’t need to be something that scares or intimidates us. We can all try something new that gently pushes out of our comfort zone, and by this, I certainly don’t mean booking on to a skydiving course and thrusting yourself out of a plane 8000ft high (unless of course, you are a repressed adrenaline junkie). No, I mean to explore the happenings in your local community, potentially get involved with a few local projects, or even got to that cooking class that you have been challenging yourself to do for the past few years. The point here is to ask yourself the question, what new activities can I try and fit in this week? The goal should be to try as many new things as possible to spark that boost of happiness and enjoyment.


Training in a morning without a doubt, ticks all of the boxes. It is no secret that training releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone. These endorphins allow our mood to significantly improve whilst purposely causing a sense of happiness.

This doesn’t need to be a high-intensity two-hour workout, as our mood can be drastically altered through a steady early morning 20-minute cardio workout. Whilst I agree, it isn’t easy to respond in a positive manner to that 6 am alarm, you will certainly feel pride and achievement at doing so and smashing that important early morning workout.


What are the happiness benefits of getting organised? The list could potentially go on for eternity, but for argument’s sake we will identify one key reason. This key reason, perhaps expectedly, is less stress.  Above anything else, making a concerted effort to develop a clutter-free week whether that be maintaining a tidy desk or ensuring all relevant admin is up to date can undoubtedly lead to less stress and an ability to relax more yet focus on important tasks.

If we can agree that getting organised leads to less stress and an ability to focus more, then I think we should make it a priority on Monday morning to create a ‘key task list’ with jobs that need completing for the week ahead. This will help us to relax and focus a little more. With this in mind, I refer to the famous quote “relaxation is the key to happiness”. Well, I will let you be the judge of that.


Spending quality time with those that admire and love you is arguably one of the most important ways of boosting your happiness in the working week. Working parents combined with kids involved in extracurricular activities can produce busy schedules with not a lot of room for family activities. However, this is ok.

The smaller, more meaningful events in life come from a family eating together at the dining table, or a young child making a peculiar burping sound during family film slot. With this in mind, be sure to create laughter with your loved ones during this working week. Laughter inspires happiness and it is clear to identify we need to place significant importance on family time during our working week.

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