10 Career Traits That Require Zero Talent

career traits zero talent

We have all seen the post floating around on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. The title is, 10 Things That Require Zero Talent, and every time you see the post, you wonder how you can apply these potential career traits, and in what capacity you can use them. Well, use these traits that require no talent and apply them with a view of giving your career a boost.

Have you heard the famous saying “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work”? Many people say that those who experience success have either ‘got lucky’, or have been ‘gifted an opportunity’.


Successful people apply the following career traits with consistency, focus, and passion to achieve their goals. I am going to tell you how to fast track your career by applying the following:

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Being on Time

A simple and effective rule I live by is that if you are not 15 minutes early, then you are 15 minutes late. Ensure you show up 15 minutes early to everything that you have committed too. Not only will this give you a psychological edge, but it will provide you with thinking space and time to make sure you are prepared. Try showing up to work at 8.45am for one week, and also try showing up to your client meetings 15 minutes early. You will notice a clear mindset shift, whilst feeling prepared and organised.

Work Ethic

You would consider ‘The Rock’ to be a successful and hardworking person, right? Well, he considers his success to come from always being the hardest working person in the room. Try being the first person in the office and the last person out – for one week. I promise with this career trait, the harder you work, the luckier you will become.


How often do you do the bare minimum to get a job finished? Consider going the extra mile and putting in a little more effort. Go out of your way to call a client as ask if they are happy with the service you are providing, or ask your manager is there anything extra they need from you this week? Mostly, a little more effort costs absolutely nothing, but will no doubt push your career in the right direction.

Body Language

One of the most important career traits, focussing on bettering your body language can not only increase your career prospects, but it can have a positive impact on your self-confidence. Powerful communicators can walk into a room, not say a word, and yet still transfer a message of power and confidence – all through body language. Make an effort to stand/ sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and learn from other people’s body language.


Why do you show up to work? If you answer is money, then I am sure there is an easier way to make money? You must figure out your ‘WHY?’ to assess your motivation for showing up to work. Once you have figured this out, then use your motivation, dreams, and ambitions to fuel your energy at work.

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Yes. We all get bogged down at work and sometimes feel a little lethargic. But, you must create a strategy to increase your mood and refocus your attitude. I’m guilty of thinking ‘I have had enough’ when there are multiple reports due. However, my strategy is to have a 5-minute break, walk around the block, get a cup of tea, and refocus my attitude towards my jobs and tasks.


You have heard a thousand times, but if you have no passion for what you do as a career – then get out now! Easier said than done, right? Probably not, if money is your worry, then create an action plan of how much you need to earn to live the lifestyle you and your family want.

Be Coachable

No matter how much experience you have in any industry, there are always skills that you can improve upon. Be open to being the best you possibly can be. Make it your mission to receive constructive criticism from those you consider to be slightly more advanced in their career. If they don’t provide it, then ask for it! We evolve as humans through learning, trying and practicing new career traits, so I would strongly advise finding a life coach that suits your ambitions and goals.

Do Extra

Are you playing it safe and skating by in life? If you are passionate about boosting your career, then playing it safe is a mindset trait you must change now. Get into the habit of doing more. Ask yourself, have I given this project my all? Could I have done anymore? What could make this better? If you can answer these questions with anything other than no or nothing, then you are not doing that little bit extra that you should be.

Be Prepared

Getting organised and being prepared sets you apart from your competition. There will always be another company or another employee ready, and waiting to take what you have. Eliminate their opportunity and create to-do lists, action plans, and schedule tasks. With the free resources available on the internet today, there is, even more, a reason to stay alert and prepared to give you the distinct advantage you’ve worked so hard for.